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Magritte & Lalique

Our collaboration with the Magritte Foundation is a celebration of the 125th anniversary of René Magritte's birth. On the initiative of the Magritte Foundation, the enigmatic and poetic world of René Magritte will be captured in crystal sculptures. Mention the name of Magritte today and the first images that spring to mind are a pipe, an apple and a bowler hat. It is precisely because of the prominence and iconic nature of these objects in the artist’s oeuvre that Lalique chose to recreate them in crystal.

Empreinte Animale Chapter II

In the second act, this collection of formidable, majestic species grows and becomes the natural sanctuary for kings of the savannah, jungle, and forests. Whether lurking in emerald-green waters, hiding in tall grass or impeccably imitating the trunk of a tree, these camouflage and surprise attack specialists have been captured in their purest form. Motionless, silent, eternal wonders of nature, brought to life in Lalique crystal, have never been so intriguing.


Irma Orenstein is the name and peerless talent behind an impressive collection of exclusive residential properties in Israel and overseas. Located in Tel Aviv, the Irma Orenstein Architecture & Interior Design Studio was established in 2002, and has been an inspirational force for almost 20 years. Irma specializes in providing architectural and design services to prestigious apartments, penthouses, and luxury buildings, as well as many unique commercial projects. She thoroughly searched for the perfect mezuzah to add to her projects, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, without ever finding the right one.

From this collaboration with Lalique appeared a meaningful object: the crystal mezuzah captivates with its curved lines that catch the light. While it is produced at the Lalique Manufacture in Wingen-sur-Moder Alsace, its design comes from Tel Aviv. Irma Orenstein, an Israeli architect and designer, imagined and designed it, wishing to create a unique mezuzah that beautifully conveys the cultural symbolism associated with this sacred object. Irma finds her inspiration in her traditions. Born in Georgia in a world of crystal, snow and reflections, and later growing up in the desert, she wanted to combine both worlds. For her, the mezuzah represents Home. This collaboration was born from the desire to melt faith and art together. The purity of the satin finish and repolished crystal associated to the brilliance of the frame finely engraved with specific signs, make this protective guardian an exceptional piece.

The mezuzah is available in two different sizes, in clear crystal with a nickel or gilded finish.

Jewellery Empreinte Animale Chapter I


The Empreinte Animale inspiration is reflected in Lalique’s new costume jewellery collection, combining geometric zebra crystal with metal links and adding contrasts. Like a print, the zebra lines run through the crystal and are stopped short by smooth edges. With rhythm, the link crystal alternates between smooth sides with satin finished in the center and repolished on the outside, and sides sculpted with captivating zebra stripes with a satin finish and repolished in relief. A play of textures sensitive to the touch

Empreinte Animale Chapter I


Setting the stage for a bestiary theater, the collection of decorative items "Empreinte Animale" invites us to dive into a dreamlike jungle where feathers, fur and scales are tamed. With a realism that is truer than life, the know-how of the masters of fire offer a perfect replica of the animal materials, thereby saluting the art of crystal haute couture, unique to Lalique.


In Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon countries, the tradition of offering Christmas ornaments has been practiced for decades during the holiday season.

In this year of tribute to the iconics, the Lalique ornament is illustrated with the mythical Masque de Femme motif, 1935 by René Lalique for the Coutard fountain.

In its new version clear gold stamped, this classic yet original gift will beautifully adorn any Christmas tree

Into The Blue

100 years. A century of art and brilliance. To celebrate the anniversary of its factory, Lalique’s most iconic pieces have been clothed in cerulean blue.

This vibrant color, a symbol of eternity and hope, is an invitation to dive once more into the singular and refined world of the crystal works.


In 1927, René Lalique’s boundless imagination and creative genius lead to the creation of the BACCHANTES vase.